Tuna 112

mono hull Renato levi 25

TUNA 112 – our recently purchased twenty-five-foot long and eight-foot-wide mono hull 25

Tuna is our main boat that is use for most of our fishing charters, she is fitted with two outboard motors and has a total of 300 horse power Yamaha motors that is capable of pushing her along comfortably at 38 knots.

On-board of TUNA 112 you can enjoy the comforts of a small cabin with an average size sleeping area.

She is also fitted with a fish finder, GPS, Braai area, and 800 kg fish holes.

Tuna 114 - fishing in St Helena


Catamaran – 28 foot

MANTARAY 19 is our twenty-eight-foot-long, fourteen-foot-wide Catamaran.

The Manta Ray is driven by a one hundred and fifteen horse power John Deere diesel engine offering a top speed of 9 knots.

The Manta Ray is very spacious and is fitted with a live bait tank and 1000kg fish holes, along with a GPS, fish finder, braai area and a toilet.

Catamaran’s are renowned for commercial fishing around St Helena and has proved to be one of the most successful fishing boat types for the seas around  St Helena.  

The 28 foot Catermaran Manta-Ray
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