Travelling or visiting St Helena is simple and easy now with SA Airlink who now offers weekly flights to St Helena and from Johannesburg every Saturday, however  rumours of negotiation’s  to introduce a second weekly flight is on the cards so this means that you could fish with us from Wednesday to Saturday, but we know that you would want to be fishing here much longer than that in this fishermen’s paradise. 

The one thing you can guarantee is while you are here we will make sure that you have the best fishing charter experience when fish with get hooked St Helena. Before you arrive we will recommend you the best places to stay and eat on St Helena. We also partner with other providers of accommodation, rental a car companies and service providers to make sure your visit is seamless, as your St Helena experience is very important to us.

We also recommend that you visit the St Helena directory for booking with owners direct of hotels, self-catering, and bed and breakfasts. The St Helena directory also offers car rental and taxi options for your stay. You can also find Guesthouses and other properties on the St Helena Property finder. We recommend you talk to us first for the best options as we have the best local knowledge of local services here on St Helena.


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